Weasel Control

These tiny predators area unit fearless fighters and don’t hesitate to attack victims repeatedly larger than themselves. Their principal food consists of tiny rodents, however larger mammals, cold-blooded vertebrates, birds and insects is also taken. sometimes they raid poultry homes at midnight and cause severe losses of gallinacean.


Trapping. Weasels have a curious nature and area unit rather simply treed in No. 0 or No. one steel traps. skilled trappers in inhabited areas use Associate in Nursing inverted picket box a foot or 2 long, like Associate in Nursing apple box, with a 2- to 3-inch diameter gap cut get into the lower a part of each ends. Dribble a path of oats or alternative grain through the box. Mice can frequent it to eat the grain and weasels can investigate the scent of mice. A entice ought to be set directly underneath the opening at every finish of the box. Keep the entice pan tight to forestall the mice from setting off the entice.

Trap sets in recent brush piles, underneath outbuildings, underneath fences and on stone walls are also prompt, since the mustelid is probably going to analyze any tiny coated space. entice sets ought to be protected by objects like boards or tree limbs to forestall harming alternative varieties of life.

Weasels can also be captured in live traps. contemporary meat is appropriate bait.

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