Squirrels Health risks

Contrary to widespread belief squirrels do not create a lot of of a health risk to humans.

However a way squirrels could also be a health risk is thanks to their dejection. In common with different rodents squirrels take a twig approach with each their body waste and piss which can create a risk to anyone returning into contact with it.

The primary squirrel health risk is coupled to ticks and fleas that squirrels tend to be plagued with. Ticks carry the danger of spotted fever and, once carried into your home by squirrels, might also infest your house pets.

Fleas are related to squirrels and will also take up residence in your family pet – and once a ectozoon or tick infestation has begun it’s notoriously troublesome to urge eliminate as these microscopic insects take up residence in carpets, soft furnishings and furnishings.

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